SCIA User Contest 2017 Online Book

79 Category 2: Civil Structures 2 Owner Rijkswaterstaat Architect Composite structures General Contractor CT de Boer Engineering Office Tauw Construction Period 01/2016 - 03/2016 For maintenance reasons, the concrete deck of the bridge in Doesburg was replaced. The new concrete deck was heavier than before. To compensate this weight, the concrete decks for the pedestrian/cyclist lane are replaced with composite bridge decks. The weight of the bridge decks is smaller than the vertical wind load! The bridge decks were not modelled as 2D plate elements but as a 3D construction, existing of a top and bottom plate connected by stiffeners. In this manner, we were able to read out all the stresses in the material on any surface. As the deck is supported on a line support (rubber strip) and vertically the deck is supported by node supports (bolts), the nonlinear module in SCIA Engineer was used. The main challenges in this project, as far the modelling goes, were to avoid high local stresses in nodes. As the composite that was used is a non-plastic material, local peak stresses in nodes are unacceptable. The modelling of the temperature load was one of the bigger challenges, because the element did not consist of one 2D element, a variable temperature over the height of the construction could not be modelled without generating great stresses in the connection between elements. Therefore, the deformation of the element was calculated as if not restrained, this deformation was modelled as a translation of a support. IJsselbrug Composite Bridge Elements - Doesburg, Netherlands Tauw Contact Kasper Kerkhof Address Handelskade 37 7417 DE Deventer, Netherlands Website Tauw Group is an international firm of consulting engineers with branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and Italy with over 1,000 employees. We support our clients in a responsible way with clear recommendations taking into account all aspects in the field of the environment, infrastructure, safety, energy, water and the living environment. Sustainable solutions for a better environment