SCIA User Contest 2020 Flipping Book

103 WELLS AND ACCESS TUNNELS METRO LINE 4 Sao Paulo , Braz i l ENGINEERING COMPANY Núcleo Engenharia e Projetos Marilia Parmejani Av. das Nações Unidas, 12.399, sala 77B, 04578-000 São Paulo (BR) ARCHITECT n/a OWNER Metro Line 4 GENERAL CONTRACTOR Tiisa CONSTRUCTION PERIOD 02/2017- 2020 These temporary wells and tunnels were designed to optimise the construction time for the Sao Paulo METRO Line 4. The structure is composed of a semi- elliptical well of 212 m² connected to a service tunnel with 41 m² and, below it, a circular well of 150 m² connected to an access tunnel of 67 m² for the excavation of the mainline tunnel. Both wells reach the depth of 18.76 m, with 30 cm thick walls. Complex modelling of the two wells and the three tunnel sections have been facilitated by the functionalities of SCIA Engineer, the best-in-class structural analysis software for infrastructure projects . The main challenge was the evaluation of the combination of the interaction of all the structures, considering the edge connections between the tunnels and wells, all different boundary conditions and all load combinations defined in order to find the critical load situation for a buried structure. Springs were applied on the shells’ surfaces to simulate the soil behaviour. During the analysis, we have identified areas in which stresses would surpass the reinforced concrete strength and, therefore, we have calculated additional local reinforcement. Thanks to the functions like automatic mesh refinement, easy loading application, soil-structure interaction, and clear visualization of results we could focus our efforts where engineering makes the difference. CIVIL STRUCTURES 2