SCIA User Contest 2020 Flipping Book

172 BOILER Santa Helena de Goiás - Braz i l ENGINEERING COMPANY Caldema Equipamentos Industriais Ltda Rodrigo Raggiotti Rodovia Armando Sales de Oliveira, KM 335,8 14175-300 Sertãozinho -SP (BR) ARCHITECT n/a OWNER n/a GENERAL CONTRACTOR Caldema CONSTRUCTION PERIOD 09/2015 - 03/2017 The project refers to a AMD-S-75-7GI Aquatubular Boiler with the capacity of 220 t/h, 44/68 kgf/cm² and steam temperature 410/525 ºC, using sugarcane bagasse as a fuel. The boiler with a single steam pipe is installed at an elevation of 30.8 m out of the reach of the gases and not exposed to their heat, which prevents accidental deformation due to the lack of water supply. Approximately 10 professionals were involved in the project including engineers, designers and drafters. Defining the boundary conditions and lifting loads were the most important steps in the modelling. On the other hand, the study of the literature related to orthotropic plates and modelling in SCIA Engineer took most of the time, because everything was made in 2D. SCIA Engineer was crucial at the time of completion of the project structure and buckstays. Using the AutoDesign feature, it was possible to quickly define the profiles that resist the internal forces. Engineering Report has proved to be an effective tool for report generation, allowing for clear illustration of the structure, foundation bases, stresses and maximum displacements. SPECIAL PROJECTS 4