SCIA User Contest 2020 Flipping Book

180 BRIDGE PROPPING TOWER Por to Alegre , Braz i l ENGINEERING COMPANY Mills Lucas Romagnoli Av. Syr Henry Welcome 70, Parque Alexandre, 06714-050 São Paulo (BR) ARCHITECT n/a OWNER Mills GENERAL CONTRACTOR Queiroz Galvão CONSTRUCTION PERIOD 04/2019 - 06/2019 The project covers a metal tower serving as a temporary support of Guaíba Bridge, Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil. A temporary support was needed to equilibrate the asymmetrical cantilever. The tower has a height of 30 m and is erect on a concrete block built over the river. The vertical loading is 800 t, in a structure subjected to strong winds common in the region. The final model consisted of approximately 3000 bar elements, 60 linear calculation combinations and 20 non-linear calculation combinations, which all made the evaluation of the results a challenge. Due to the river’s proximity and the need to make room for bridge construction operations, there was no possibility of any major changes in the structure geometry during the design, which led to an ingenious solution reducing the unwanted stress on some elements. SCIA Engineer’s non-linear tools, namely tension-only supports, geometric non- linearity, and initial imperfections, were very important in assessing the tower safety. SCIA Engineer also allowed us to evaluate whether the overall buckling of the structure will occur. We found out that the critical load is 20 times higher than the applied one. SPECIAL PROJECTS 4