Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013

111 X Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013 - Category 2: Civil Structures 2 Nomination Category 2: Civil Structures Short description │City Bridge This project describes a new city by-pass in Nijmegen, which is currently under construction, including a new bridge over the river Waal. The city requested a City Bridge, which will allow for a five-lane crossing, a two-lane cycle path at the east side of the bridge and a 1 m-wide inspection lane at the west side of the bridge. In the architectural ambition document from the city, the client also requested a convenient adjournment on and under the bridge. The main bridge over the river had to span at least 240 m, had to fit perfectly within the landscape and join the bridge family of the city. Completion of the bridge is scheduled for the end of 2013. BAM Infraconsult bv Contact Tristan Wolvekamp M.Sc., ir. Mark Keijzers, ing. Kees Jan den Exter Address H.J.Nederhorststraat 1 2801 SC Gouda, The Netherlands Phone +31 180590602 Email [email protected] Website BAM Infraconsult is the consultancy and engineering firm for the Civil Engineering section of the Royal BAM Group. The company manages the design relating to urban infrastructure, large-scale line infrastructure, ports and coastal engineering. It is involved in the tender, design, construction and management stages of projects, incorporating both design and other services, including risk management, systems engineering, environmental management and licence management. BAM Infraconsult has 267 employees and is headquartered in Gouda. BAM Infraconsult also has sites in Apeldoorn, Breda, The Hague, Utrecht, Jakarta and Singapore, along with support offices in Amsterdam, Ravenstein and Zuidbroek. Project information Owner Gemeente Nijmegen Architect Ney Poulissen Architects and Engineers General Contractor BAM Civiel bv and Max Boegl Engineering Office BAM Infraconsult bv Location Nijmegen, The Netherlands Construction Period 02/2011 to 11/2013