Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013

121 X Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013 - Category 2: Civil Structures Category 2: Civil Structures 2 ARCADIS Nederland BV Project information Owner South Korea state General Contractor Keum Jeon Industrial Company Ltd Engineering Office EPS Solutions co ltd Location Yeongam River, Korea Construction Start 2012 Short description │Engineering Study - Yeongam River Korea Yeongsan river Estuary Embankment, development section 3. It concerns flood prevention by means of distributing flood discharge from Yeongsan Lake to Yeongam Lake. A new navigable channel is being built between the lower reaches of the Yeongsan and Yeongam rivers in South Korea as part of an extensive regeneration scheme. The northern lake (Yeongsan Lake) contains fresh water and the southern lake (Yeongam Lake) contains brackish (slightly salty) water. Water from Yeongam Lake is being used for irrigation purposes. To control the water flow a number of weirs are built in this new channel. Contact Anton van Kooij Address Lichtenauerlaan 100 3062 ME Rotterdam, The Netherlands Phone +31 10 2532 222 Email [email protected] Website ARCADIS is an international company that provides consultancy, design, engineering and management services in the fields of Infrastructure, Water, Environment and Buildings. Our mission is to improve quality of life around the world by creating places of distinction and providing sustainable solutions that enhance the built and natural environments. In doing so, we produce exceptional value for our clients, employees and shareholders. Our innovative structural engineering professionals strive to overcome the physical limitations of sites while also meeting the requirements of each project. The teams work with our in-house architects, as well as with clients directly, to develop solutions to the full range of structural needs, in many cases paving the way for the creation of new opportunities for the architect and project owner.