Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013

133 X Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013 - Category 2: Civil Structures Category 2: Civil Structures 2 Short description │Cyclist- and Pedestrian Bridge The cyclist- and pedestrian bridge in the centre of Metz crosses the river Seille in the contemporary Parc de la Seille. The bridge is officially known as the passerelle de Graoully. The name refers to the mythical animal that is the symbol of Metz: the dragon. The 64-metre-long bridge has a changing width from 8.7 m to 8.4 m and a changing height from 7.5 m to 6.8 m.The total weight of the bridge is 100 tonnes. The bridge has several cross girders in the form of a “U”. These cross girders are connected by crossing rectangular diagonals. The net of diagonals is in equilibrium with a box-formed top girder that is anchored on 1 side of the bridge to limit the deformation of the bridge. The bridge is placed in one piece in its final place. Project information Owner Ville de Metz Architect Brigit de Kosmi General Contractor Anmeco N.V. Engineering Office Terrell S.A.S. / Ingenieursbureau Stendess N.V. Location Metz, France Construction Period 2010 to 2012 Contact Jurn De Vleeschauwer Address Grote Baan 18 9920 Lovendegem, Belgium Phone +32 9 370 71 25 Email [email protected] Website Integral quality is our top priority Stendess calculates and draws complex steel constructions in a high quality and efficient manner while seeking economically responsible and sustainable solutions for specific technical stability issues. Thanks to the integral service, whereby the design of the metal superstructure and the concrete substructure are calculated and drawn by experts in the same office. The building owner and principal contractor retain 100% control over the complete structure. Managing complex projects with care. Recent references demonstrate the multidisciplinary knowledge and ability of our engineers and designers in the market of bridges, industry, utility and other projects located all over the world. Ingenieursbureau Stendess N.V.