Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013

137 X Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013 - Category 2: Civil Structures Category 2: Civil Structures 2 Short description │Wooden Footbridge with a Cycling Track The wooden footbridge with a cycling track is a future project in terms of offering safety to cyclists and pedestrians as the cycling track on the other side of the river is currently accessed with difficultly from the main road. The wooden bridge will be 53.6 m long and 3.40 m wide with a curved vertical course. The vertical radius of curvature is ~181.6 m in the middle span. Both ends of the bridge are linear and ~12.35 m in length. The highest point of the walking surface is ~1.56 m higher than the surface at the beginning or end. The bearing wooden structure sits on two end foundation blocks and two middle supporting pillars with pile foundations. The complete wooden structure is connected with steel plate sockets and bolts. Many connections are strengthened with steel plate ribs. The structure stability is based on diagonal steel bracings which are anchored to concrete supports. Both fences are part of the bearing structure. From the aesthetic point of view, the complete fence is decorated with shingle plates. LoGing d.o.o., PE Ljubljana Contact Matjaž Žabkar Address Letališka cesta 5 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia Phone +386 59059020 Email [email protected] Website Personal information: Matjaž Žabkar was born in 1979 in Novo mesto, Slovenia. From 1997-2002, he attended to a Diploma study of Civil Engineering at the University of Ljubljana, specialising in “Steel structures”. In the period 2002-2007, he worked on Architectural and Civil Structure projects, and in 2008 he became a certified engineer in the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers, IZS. Since 2007, he has worked on planning and the optimisation of steel and membrane structures, foundations and other concrete structures, and earthquake resistant structures. Company information: The company develops, manufactures and erects Office and Manufacturing facilities, Storage halls, Functional constructions, Sports facilities and Mobile halls, Canopies and other structures. The firm cooperates with many Slovenian and foreign partners, developing new products and improving existing programmes and services. In Slovenia, LoGing is one of the leading companies in the field of buildings with inflatable thermal membrane roofs with ETFE, PTFE or LOWE coatings. The production capacity for steel structures is limited to 500 t per month. Project information Owner Dipl.-Ing. Matjaž Žabkar Architect Dans arhitects General Contractor ProTehno d.o.o. Ulica pod Gozdom 19, 4264 Bohinjska Bistrica Engineering Office Loging d.o.o., Biro Udovč s.p. Location Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenia Construction Period 04/2013 to 07/2013