Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013

143 X Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013 - Category 2: Civil Structures Category 2: Civil Structures 2 Short description │Service Tunnel Station A part of the “DoorStroom Station Utrecht” (DSSU) project concerns a new free crossing between the railway and the area to the south of “Centraal Station Utrecht” and the public road. During the design process of “Diensttunnel”, the BIM concept was applied to attain savings in costs and time in the building phase. This implementation consisted of the engineer, contractor and rebar company coming together and reaching agreement on what information was needed and how that information can be exchanged. In practice, this resulted in reusing design information and speeding up the process. Contact Gerrit van Kekem Address Postbus 2855 3500 GW Utrecht, The Netherlands Phone +31 6 2278 2213 Email [email protected] Website From concept to completion Movares is an engineering consultancy providing solutions in the fields of mobility, infrastructure, building and spatial planning. Usability, future value and sustainability play a major role in the designs we produce and the advice we give. We contribute to accessibility through our unique combination of expertise. With some 1,400 members of professional staff, Movares operates throughout Europe and has offices in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. Giving shape to mobility Infrastructure is the backbone of development, both for society and the economy. From the initial studies and the earliest planning phases to the design and execution of projects through to management and maintenance, Movares plays an active role throughout the entire consulting and engineering process. Our combination of knowledge, expertise and innovativeness is summed up in our motto: ‘Giving shape to mobility’. Project information Owner ProRail General Contractor Movares Nederland Engineering Office Movares Nederland Location Utrecht, The Netherlands Construction Period 09/2013 to 10/2014 Movares