Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013

157 X Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013 - Category 2: Civil Structures Category 2: Civil Structures 2 Short description │Bridge over the Danube The bridge over the Danube-Black Sea Channel from Agigea - km 0 + 540 - is located at the confluence of the Black Sea Channel, near Constanta seaport. The bridge ensures the connection between the Northern and Southern zones of the harbour, now separated by the Danube-Black Sea navigable canal. The bridge and access viaducts have a total length of 906.82 m, with 362.00 m for the bridge and 544.82 m for the viaducts. SC Search Corporation LTD Contact Viorel Bucur Address 48 Iancu de Hunedoara Bvd, Crystal Tower, Bucharest - district 1 010613 Bucharest, Romania Phone +4 21 316 4018 Email [email protected] Website Search Corporation is one of the most important companies in Romania specialised in planning road transportation networks. With four offices, it is located in the most important cities of Romania: Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, and Iasi. Founded in 1991, our company was built on the idea of creating a strong professional organisation that operates according to international standards with competitive prices. Valuing teamwork, quality and perseverance, the company seeks to meet the needs of its clients, whether they are governmental agencies, municipalities or private entities. In the past, Search Corporation has contributed in the preparation of the national strategy for road network development, alongside the Ministry of Transport, the Romanian National Company for Motorways and National Roads, and local authorities. Due to its values, Search Corporation has become a strong and reliable resource for the road and airport administrators in Romania, in the planning, designing and construction management required for road infrastructure projects and airport development. Project information Owner Compania Nationala Administratia Porturilor Maritime S.A Architect Search Corporation S.R.L General Contractor Ministerul Transporturilor, Constructiilor si Turismului Engineering Office Search Corporation S.R.L Location Agigea - Constanta, Romania Construction Period 06/2010 to 12/2013