Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013

173 X Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013 - Category 3: Industrial Buildings and Plants 3 Short description │Industrial Hall and Offices Lely Maassluis Along the A20 highway at Maassluis in the Netherlands a new innovative international head office, R&D centre and production hall for the Lely group has been implemented. The new building, designed by Consort Architects, is expected to be completed by mid-2013. The project includes a warehouse with parking space on the roof and three connecting office buildings with showrooms, conference rooms and a company restaurant. The project illustrates the power of integrated design in a special way. From the crawl space up to the parking deck, at every level of the building it is evident that the various disciplines in the design and construction team have worked together closely for the best, most durable and fastest results. Project information Owner Lely Holding, Maassluis Architect ConsortArchitects, Rotterdam General Contractor Dura Vermeer Bouw Zuid West, Rotterdam Engineering Office IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Rotterdam Location Maassluis, The Netherlands Construction Period 07/2011 to 03/2013 Contact Heleen van den Berge Address Piekstraat 77 3071 EL Rotterdam, The Netherlands Phone +31 10 2012360 Email [email protected] Website Since its inception in 1960 IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs [consulting engineers] has remained totally independent and has had no commercial ties with manufacturers, subcontractors, contractors or developers who could influence the making of unbiased and unrestrained recommendations. The company dedicates its activities to making recommendations in the field of structural engineering. The company has experience in working on projects in which the structural engineer is expected to do more than merely make calculations and drawings. An active input of the structural design in the design phase specifically leads to an economically feasible plan. IMd’s aspiration is to ensure that the client gets a functional and beautiful building, the architect can realise ‘his design’, all the consultants achieve their best performances and the contractor can build quickly and easily. IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs Nomination Category 3: Industrial Buildings and Plants