Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013

175 X Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013 - Category 3: Industrial Buildings and Plants 3 Short description │Extraction and Replacement of a Large Stator Assembly The project objective was the extraction and replacement of a large stator assembly at the Collahuasi Copper Mine in Chile. The stator assembly was composed of 4 quadrants with the heaviest weighing 118.5 US tons. This process required the design and construction of a temporary gantry system to lift the stators over the existing conveyor systems at the plant. The project was very challenging due to extremely tight working conditions, the sheer size and mass of the components and the intense seismic forces the gantry system had to be designed for. 3D models of every component involved in the process were created and a 4D simulation was prepared to guide the crews on site. Mammoet US Contact Joseph Lawless Address FM 521 20525 77583 Rosharon, Texas, United States Phone +1 281 369 2200 Email [email protected] Website Mammoet US: Mammoet is the world‘s leading tailor-made heavy lifting and multimodal transport solutions specialist. Our core business is the transport, shipping, installation (including horizontal and vertical positioning) and removal of heavy or large objects, to and from any location, onshore and offshore. Mammoet’s mission statement is: “to be the best full service provider in the global market for engineered heavy lifting and multi-modal transport for the benefit of our customers, shareholders and employees.” Project information Owner ABB General Contractor Mammoet Chile Engineering Office Mammoet USA Location Collahuasi Copper Mine, Chile Construction Period 01/2013 to 01/2013 Nomination Category 3: Industrial Buildings and Plants