Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013

181 X Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013 - Category 3: Industrial Buildings and Plants Category 3: Industrial Buildings and Plants 3 Short description │Steel Structure for Biomass Boiler and Service Platforms The project subject was the building of the Biomass boiler for combustion of straw and wooden pellets. The device outputs 90 tonnes of steam per hour with the pressure of 95 bar and the temperature of 525°C. The fuel is delivered to the boiler by means of a combination of worm conveyors and pneumatic tossing devices from the daily silo. In individual boiler draughts, the heating of the primary and secondary air, the heating of water and the additional heating of steam takes place. The bearing structure serves as a supporting structure for three boiler draughts, the duct system, and the pipeline for air, water and steam. On the bearing structure, fixed points of the steam piping and the friction bearing of heated boiler parts have been made. At the same time, the structure is used to provide access to individual technological devices. The total weight of the steel structure is 215 tonnes. The total weight of the supported technology is 625 tonnes. Bilfinger Babcock CZ s.r.o. Contact Jiří Protivínský Address Křižíkova 72 61200 Brno, Czech Republic Phone +420 545 104 059 Email [email protected] Website Bilfinger Babcock CZ s.r.o. is an important provider of steam generators and power plant equipment. The company provides comprehensive solutions for applications using a wide range of fuels and/ or waste heat utilisation, having environmental friendly technologies in focus. In detail, the product portfolio consists of Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Clean Biomass Fired Boilers, Coal Fired Boilers, Special Boilers, Turnkey Plants, Modernization and Repairs of such equipment and newly also 3D Laser Scanning services. The scope of works and services ranges from technical feasibility study up to final assembly, as well as plant operations and lifetime services. The design of pressure parts and bearing structures of boilers is secured within the company by the Stress Analysis Department managed by Ing. J. Jelínek CSc. This department processes the complete stress design of the pressure pipeline, pressure tanks, flat elements of duct systems and the whole range of dynamic calculations. Steel structures are processed here from the design phases up to the basic design documentation and design of joints. Project information Owner Energa Kogeneracja, Elblag, Poland Architect BPiR Protech, Lodz, Poland General Contractor Mostostal Warszawa S. A., Warszawa, Poland Engineering Office Bilfinger Babcock CZ, Brno, Czech Republic Location Elblag, Poland Construction Period 12/2011 to 03/2013