Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013

184 X3 Category 3: Industrial Buildings and Plants Software: Scia Engineer Lifting of Heavy Loads and Construction Stages - América do Norte, Central e Sul, Brazil Introduction The team of Odebrecht Industrial Plants is responsible for internal consulting and technical support on engineering solutions for all Odebrecht’s contracts. The main effort is to analyse the different stages of the assembling of huge equipment through designing specific accesses or a group of accessories that allow the required movements, which means the manipulation of heavy loads until the end of the installation process. These accessories and/or accesses are normally not considered during the conception of the equipment design, but are fundamental to their installation. About our work The workflow is based on simple client information regarding the equipment, and the first decision is to define the machines (the cranes) that will make the movement. Subsequently, the equipment itself is analysed in order to check if it supports the lifting loads in the different construction stages. The analysis will define if reinforcement is necessary for the installation process or even for the equipment operation. The accessories are defined based on global and local analyses of the introduction of loads. Scia results define the material and components, with the information flowing to the customer and the internal Odebrecht S.A. team. The analysis is based on American Standard Code AISC 89, but in some cases, for a refined analysis, Eurocode is used. Use of Scia Engineer Scia Engineer has been used since 2011. The biggest discovered benefit was the shells study. The tools used previously did not allow easy modeling with a refined analysis that considered heavy loads manipulation. The projects are distributed across different parts of the world, including Brazil, Mexico, Houston, Argentina and Italy. The main challenge in these contracts is the deadline, which demands an agile analysis, a quick dialogue with the support team, and fast and reliable results, since maintenance stops for important equipment are involved. In citing some main examples of the use of Scia Engineer, we refer to some projects where advancements in the field of analysis and accurate calculation were possible. The Scia Engineer response is very close to the real structure behaviour. In conclusion, the use of Scia Engineer means, for us, Practicality for Consulting Engineering through a user friendly interface and large gains in modelling. Project 1: Chimney Client: YPF Ensenada Industrial Complex Description: Continuous Regeneration Process Reactor. Equipment: 200 tonnes. Location: Argentina Project 2: Chimney Client: CSN - Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional Description: Reheat Furnace Chimney. Ten sections, four vertical points, critical section: 70 tonnes. Location: Rio de Janeiro - Brazil Project 3: Pernambuco Arena Description: Load Measuring Device. Hydraulic Equipment for loads acting in the coverage rods. Maximum load extent: 60 tonnes. Location: Pernambuco - Brazil Project 4: Aquapolo Project Description: Cylindrical Tank, with a 12 m diameter and a 12 m height. Chimney of Balance: 30 tonnes. Location: São Paulo - Brazil