Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013

37 X Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013 - Category 1: Buildings Category 1: Buildings 1 Short description │Galerie Šantovka The Šantovka multifunctional project is emerging in the original location occupied by the MILO Olomouc plant and represents an overall revitalisation of the land in the vicinity of the historical town centre. On the total area of 11 ha, a modern urban district is to be gradually built, with objects for living, commerce as well as administration. Galerie Šantovka is the first stage of the whole project, offering more than 46,000 m² of leasable areas with approximately 180 commercial units and 1,000 parking places. Contact Daniel Dohál Address Rybárska 7389 91101 Trenčín, Slovakia Phone +421 327480011 Email [email protected] Website The planning and engineering bureau De Bondt, s.r.o., was founded in December 1996 by the parent Dutch company De Bondt B.V. and Slovak associates. Since then, the company has designed and consulted on many industrial, commercial and residential projects all over Europe - the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Finland etc. - and outside Europe - Saudi Arabia, Canada, Afghanistan. De Bondt, s.r.o. is specialised in providing technical services: • Statics of steel, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and masonry constructions • Plans and shop drawings for steel and reinforced constructions • Optimisation of constructions, and in providing services and consulting for developers - we can provide the complete support and documentation from the feasibility study up to the project documentation, participation in awarding the contract, technical supervision and the final evaluation of project. De Bondt s.r.o. Project information Owner SMC Development a.s. Architect Benoy - United Kingdom, A8000 - Czech Republic General Contractor Metrostav a.s. Engineering Office De Bondt s.r.o. Location Olomouc, Czech Republic Construction Period 01/2012 to 12/2013