Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013

63 X Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013 - Category 1: Buildings Category 1: Buildings 1 Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia Contact Débora Coting Braga Address Praça Mauá 1 09580 900 São Caetano do Sul, Brazil Phone +55 11 42393 000 / 0800 019 31 00 Email [email protected] Website Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia - IMT is a private, non-profit organization.Its main objective is to promote technical-scientific education, technological research and development aiming to provide highly qualified human resources to contribute to the socioeconomic development of Brazil. IMT was founded on December 11, 1961 its headquarters is located at Rua Pedro de Toledo, 1071 in São Paulo city. The institute maintains two units: the Centro Universitário and the Technical Services and Tests Center and two campi: one in São Paulo city and the other in São Caetano do Sul. The headquarter of the two units is located at IMT campus in São Caetano do Sul at Praça Maua, 1 with a constricted area of 130,000 m², 12 km from São Paulo city center. In this campus the Centro Universitário offers undergraduate courses in Engineering, Design, Administrations and Higher Education Certificate. Project information Owner Instituto Maua de Tecnologia - IMT” (Maua Institute of Technology Architect Débora Coting Braga General Contractor Débora Coting Braga Engineering Office Débora Coting Braga Location Brazil Construction Period 01/2011 to 12/2011 Short description │Structural Analysis of a Bamboo Building Currently, constructions of bamboo are still made empirically, based on the results of load tests on test pieces. In this research, the technical feasibility of constructing a four-floor buliding with bamboo as the main material of the self-supporting structure was verified. Tests confirmed the good resistance of bamboo’s compression parallel to the fibres, enough to be used as columns. However, bending tests and compression perpendicular to the fibres showed the inadequacy of the material when subjected to these efforts. The idea was developed of a composite material of bamboo filled with concrete, which after the results from the laboratory was allowed to be used as the beams of the building. It has been proven throughout the development of research that bamboo is an alternative material for construction and besides having good physical and mechanical characteristics it is a material that enhances sustainability.