Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013

8 The Nemetschek Structural Group - a broad product spectrum The Nemetschek Structural Group’s product portfolio addresses the design and detailing of building components, such as beams, columns, stairs, slabs and roofs as well as the modelling of full 3D structures (steel, concrete, precast, timber, aluminium). It also covers integrated solutions for precast concrete and steel structure fabrication production planning. The Group has advanced technologies for complex Finite Element Analysis, and for modelling of formwork and steel reinforcement in 3D. The clients are as diverse as the engineering practice is: from small independent consultants up to large multidisciplinary companies, contractors and fabricators. The software solutions of the Nemetschek Structural Group in one table CAE CAD Production planning, steering and logistics component based model based plan based model based Frilo Statics Scia Engineer GLASER -isb cadAllplan Engineering Allplan Precast TIM Scia Steel Scia Steel Manager Software Several customers are using more than one product of the Nemetschek Structural Group companies. Therefore the Group focuses precisely on those issues that help forward the productivity of these customers: improving interoperability through an open BIM (Building Information Modelling) strategy using standard exchange formats. Especially synchronisation of model data between CAE, CAD and production is one of the key advantages of the Nemetschek software, also beyond the engineering practice. Since Nemetschek is world-leader in architectural software (with its brands Allplan Architecture, ArchiCAD and Vectorworks) the Nemetschek Structural Group has close ties with the architectural world. Being internationally active the Nemetschek Structural Group companies have a strong focus on localisation of its products; starting from a proven leadership in Eurocodes, the companies have experience all over Europe. Some brands are internationally active, in many countries: USA, Brazil, Middle East, Russia, Asia. Nemetschek Structural Group