Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013

91 X Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013 - Category 1: Buildings Category 1: Buildings 1 Short description │Tubes at the ‘De Grote Post’ Cultural Centre In the beating heart of the former post office transparent tubes link the old building with the new rear building. The tubes are constructed from a single material: the floor and roof slabs in solid steel plate appear to be stitched together with a fine steel thread. The stitches form together with the floor slabs and roof sheeting the horizontal compression and tension components of a one-storey-high structural frame. The posts, evolved from thick square tubes on each layer into thin steel plates, clearly demonstrate the forces at work over the length of the posts. Studieburo Mouton bvba Contact Anne Botte Address Koningin Astridlaan 225 9000 Gent, België Phone +32 9 2214965 Email [email protected] Website Studieburo Mouton was founded in mid-2002 and created through the independent practice of architect-engineer Guy Mouton. Studieburo Mouton is a structural design office that has acquired a special position within the Flemish architectural landscape. Conducting a stability study for a design goes much further than simply calculating a given situation. The office is ready to be involved in the architect’s very earliest design stage. Its main aim is to provide a stability study in which the interaction with the architect strengthens the design. The main endeavour of Studieburo Mouton is to arrive together with the designers at an intrinsically superior design process and structure. Studieburo Mouton does not envisage architecture and stability as separate entities but as a powerfully expressed consolidation among partners that creates a superior final project. Project information Owner City of Ostend Architect B-architecten General Contractor MBG-Strabag Engineering Office Studieburo Mouton Location Oostende, Belgium Construction Period 12/2010 to 12/2012