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It is a real pleasure to present you the new SCIA User Contest Book 2005.
Compared to the previous edition of 2002, you will notice immediately that this book has become a large document. The
fact is,
we received 85 projects; that is twice the quantity of the last user contest.
Moreover, if we consider the number of
we even notice a threefold increase versus 2002.
It goes without saying that we are very happy with this result. Other than the unexpected high number of entries,
we take
even more pleasure in the quality of the submitted projects. Spread over the 4 proposed categories,
we received a rich vari-
ety of structures.
The SCIA clients proved – once again – that creativity and effort give rise to excellent results.
Amazing pictures are submitted to illustrate the use of SCIA’s CAE and CAD software in construction. Engineering structures
such as tunnels, power plants, bridges, towers, shelters, quays have been designed with SCIA.ESA PT or ESA-Prima Win.
known arenas, churches, convents and stations are built with the help of SCIA Software. Extremely high rise buildings and
spectacular steel structures (masts, cable structures) illustrate the progress of advanced calculations.
Beyond the functionality of the software, the quality of the engineers gives us full assurance that the construction industry
is in full
movement. The presented projects also prove that the SCIA clients are operating on a global level; in nearly every
continent of the world, structures, designed and detailed with the SCIA software, are being built.
Another difference with the previous edition of the SCIA User Contest, is the introduction of a category that represents as
CAD as CAE applications. The S-BIM (Structural Building Information Modelling) concept gets roots!
We wish you a lot of reading pleasure and we already invite you to participate at our next edition.
Jean-Pierre Rammant
CEO SCIA International
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