Scia User Contest 2005 - page 13

S-BIM: Structural Building Information Modeling
Our Integration concept
Consistency between real
model, virtual
model and drawings
Handling rapidly changes to models and tracking changes (ISO)
Roundtrip engineering
Crossing architecture and structural engineering by
sharing digital data
Open architecture: add domain specific know-how
Cost reduction by integration, time saving, error reducing
SCIA•ESA PT & ESA-Prima Win:
CAE software for all types of structures in concrete, steel and other materials
It includes:
Modeler: building components incl. all types of beams, plates, full 3D solid modeling
Analyzer: FEM statics/dynamics/stability; linear and non-linear
Designer: Steel section code checking, connection design and expert table, reinforce concrete design
of members
Overview drawings for steel and concrete, detail drawings
SCIA Products
Calculation &
Calculation & Design
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