Inspirations in Engineering 2013 - page 1

Dear reader,
The 2013 edition of the biennial Nemetschek Structural User Contest surpasses all previous editions in both
the quality of the projects as the number of participants. No less than 127 impressive projects coming from 28
countries were accepted and have been submitted by 97 competing engineering organisations.
We are pleased to welcome an increasing number of participants from continents outside Europe, coming from
North America, Latin America and Africa.
The theme “Inspirations in Engineering” is excellently reflected in the submitted projects; the innovative advance
in structural engineering science results in creative constructions, as well in residential environment as for
infrastructure and industrial spaces.
Like in previous editions the participants are software users of the Nemetschek Structural Group: Scia Engineer,
Allplan Engineering, Allplan Precast, Frilo Statics, Scia Steel Manager, TIM and finally GLASER -isb cad-. The
software products cover the full spectrum of structural engineering, from design to detailing up to integrated
fabrication planning.
The contest was originally set up around 5 categories: buildings, civil structures, industrial plants, industrialized
planning and special structures. Since the category “Industrialized Planning” did not get the minimum of
participants the submitted projects were moved to other categories. Besides the special jury prize, an additional
prize has been awarded for the best approach of fabrication and execution.
Special congratulations go to the contest winners and nominees; thanks to the ‘Olympic Spirit’ of all participants
sharing their experiences, this book is a source of inspiration for the whole structural engineering community.
Jean-Pierre Rammant,
CEO of Nemetschek Scia
Leader of the Nemetschek Structural Engineering Group
Cover page: Steel Archway at Stadium in Greece.
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