Inspirations in Engineering 2013 - page 10

How were the projects judged?
An international jury, from both the academic and professional community, gathered in July 2013 for the evaluation of all submitted projects.
The jury took the following characteristics into account:
• The technical level of the design, detailing and/or the calculations (doubled points)
• The originality and prestige of the project
• The attractiveness and completeness of the presentation and the uploaded documentation
• The optimal use of the software functionalities and the illustration of a BIM process
• The overall impression of the project
In each of the 4 categories, one winner and three nominees were selected. From all the participating projects the jury also chose the ‘Special Prize of the Jury’ & ‘Special Prize for Fabrication and Execution’.
David Ball Group plc
Function: Chairman
Specialty: Concrete Structures
Ir. ph D. Yves Duchene
Bureau d’études Greisch
• Department: Special studies
Function: Manager of special studies
Specialty: Structural Engineering,
Bridge Design, FEM modelisation
Prof. Ing. Alena Kohoutkova
Czech Technical University in Prague
Department: Faculty of Civil Engineering
Function: Dean
Specialty: Concrete Structures
Ir. Diter Braet
Victor Buyck Steel Construction
Department: Buyck Engineering Paris
Function: Head of Engineering Office
Specialty: Steel Constructions
Prof. Dr. Ir. Jean-Pierre Jaspart
Liège University
• Department: ArGEnCo
• Function: Professor in Steel and
Composite Construction
• Specialty: Stability and Resistance of Steel
and Composite Structures,
Connection Design,
Robustness of Structures
Ir. Dick Stoelhorst
Function: Consultant
Specialty: Knowledge Management
Prof. em. Dr. Ir. Willy Patrick De Wilde
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Department: Mechanics of Materials and
Specialty: Large span structures,
Lightweight structures, Vibrations,
High Rise Structures
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Kina
KINA Ingenieurleistungen im
Department: Management
Function: CEO
Specialty: Structural Engineering,
Bridge Design
Ing Msc Gilbert Vanden Borre
Stabiton bvba
Department: Civil Engineering
Function: CEO
Specialty: Structural Engineering
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