SCIA User Contest 2020 Flipping Book

142 ARCHITECT n/a OWNER Companhia De Saneamento Do Paraná - Sanepar GENERAL CONTRACTOR Companhia De Saneamento Do Paraná - Sanepar CONSTRUCTION PERIOD 2020 This Sewage Pumping Station is a prismatic concrete structure of predominantly rectangular shapes 19.90 m long and 8.00 m wide and 6.65 m high, supported by a direct foundation (raft slabs). The structure is mostly buried; however, as it is located in an area under flooding risk, external walls rise above the ground to prevent contamination. This structure has been designed to balance the lifting force due to the presence of a high level of groundwater. It was necessary to execute a retaining curtain wall on prefabricated concrete sheet piles to make the excavation works for the structure construction possible. For this project, it was essential to use non-linear supports to ensure that the foundation soil would receive only compression. Water lifting effects will be resisted only by the piles. The connections between the main structure and the curtain wall piles were also evaluated in the model. SCIA Engineer allows us to focus the structural engineer effort on the best solution analysis, saving time on modelling, loading, and defining boundary conditions. The automatic mesh generation and refinement, load combination envelopes, and fast processing gave us confidence about this reliable calculation tool we use since 2012. Campo Largo , Brazi l SEWAGE PUMPING STATION ENGINEERING COMPANY Procalc Engenheiros Associados Jorge Luiz Silka Pereira Rua Grã Nicco, 113 81200-200 Curitiba -PR (BR) INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS & PLANTS 3