SCIA User Contest 2020 Flipping Book

143 The main structure is a lattice frame, 96 m wide and 30 m high. The 88 m clear span allows up to 3 large aircrafts to enter LATAM maintenance hangar, located in São Carlos, SP. The lattice frame was built using hot-rolled profiles and built-up welded members, siding and roofing was made with metal panels. The client requested a maximum vertical deflection of 88 mm (88 m/1000), making it possible to install and operate the hangar door in the future. SCIA Engineer was helpful with the structure analysis, profile optimization and clear behaviour evaluation in terms of displacements and deflections. The main challenge was to find the right balance, increasing the global inertia of the truss, while keeping the minimum weight. Using tools such as selection filters and the fast solver resulted in an effective and productive work. I am a structural engineer with over 20 years of experience, using different types of software for analysis and design. As a new user of SCIA Engineer, I realise, since the beginning, the potential of SCIA Engineer to become my primary work tool. The interface is modern, easy to use, and very agile. ARCHITECT n/a OWNER CPC Estruturas GENERAL CONTRACTOR CPC Estruturas CONSTRUCTION PERIOD 11/2018 - 05/2019 ACCESS FRAME HANGAR São Car los , Braz i l ENGINEERING COMPANY SIEP Engenharia Samuel Frazão Av. das Araucárias, 4155, Bloco A 603 Águas Claras 71936-250 Brasília (BR) INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS & PLANTS 3