Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013

151 X Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013 - Category 2: Civil Structures Category 2: Civil Structures 2 Short description │Supported Tank 2,000 m³ Cascavel The tank is a monolithic structure in reinforced concrete, supported directly on the ground, for the storage of treated water. Its capacity is 2,000 m³. As the water is treated with chlorine, the internal environment of the tank is extremely aggressive due to the presence of chlorine gas in the air cushion between the water surface and the lower face of the tank lid. Due to the presence of chlorine gas, a flat slab with capitals was chosen as the tank lid to avoid the formation of a gas retention chamber under the lid, wit the enhancement of the aggressive effect on the structure. Another design challenge was to adapt the tank to the ground conditions to obtain a more economical solution in the direct foundation (raft), within the limits of the admissible soil tension. In association with a team of geotechnical professionals, the solution found was to replace and improve the soil layers to obtain the admissible tension from the tank model within the economic viability of its execution. proCalc Associated Engineers Contact Jorge Silka Address Rua Grã Nicco, 113, Conjunto 504, Bloco A 81200-200 Curitiba, Brazil Phone +55 11 3285 2001 Email [email protected] Website Origin: The company proCalc Associated Engineers was founded in August 1989, in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil, as proCalc Structures Ltd. Objective: Project development of structures in reinforced concrete and prestressed in general; prefabricated structures and structural masonry projects. Quality: We apply the extensive experience of our professionals, in tandem with technological resources, for the careful study of structural solutions. We always seek the best technique, economy and ease of execution. We always look for and adopt the most modern resources of an international level in programmes for structures. Products: We operate in the following areas: residential, commercial and corporate projects, highrise buildings, industrial, sanitation and buildings for public works, reports, investigations, structural reinforcement projects and project reviews. Collection: We have designed more than 2,500,000 m² of building structures, over 400,000 m³ of reservation capacity in sanitation and more than 500,000 m² of industrial structures. Project information Owner Companhia de Saneamento do Paraná - SANEPAR Architect Companhia de Saneamento do Paraná - SANEPAR General Contractor Encibra S.A. - Estudos e Projetos de Engenharia Engineering Office proCalc Engenheiros Associados S/S Location Paraná, Brazil Construction Period 01/2014 to 01/2016