Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013

79 X Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013 - Category 1: Buildings Category 1: Buildings 1 Short description │Residential Building “Na Santince” The residential building “Na Santince” is a proposed new development of P.H.A., a.s. The building consists of 6 storeys above grade and 3 storeys below grade. The above grade part of the building includes 25 residential flats and two commercial suites. The access is through an arbour, which emphasises (or delineates, defines) the building’s street facade. The two top storeys are unique due to the indented facade that enables the construction of spacious terraces with a unique view of the historic part of Prague and the residential area Hanspaulka. The parking and technical services are situated in the underground. P-H-A Contact Hana Gattermayerova Address Gabcikova 15 Praha 8 18200 Praha, Czech Republic Phone +420 284685882 Email [email protected] Website Atelier P.H.A. was founded in 1990. P.H.A. deals with design tasks, preparation and implementation of investment projects and engineering activities, and is an expert in the field of construction and real estate investments. P.H.A. participates in opinions carried out on structures after the 2002 flood, opinions on the condition and measures taken on load-bearing structures in industrial, high-rise apartment buildings and apartment building regeneration, opinions on the impact of emergency situations - like fires and flooding - on load-bearing structures, and in building passports during reconstruction etc. PHA can follow up on international projects in accordance with most standard codes: Eurocode, Fema350, UBC97, СНИП and other specific national codes. Structure designers participate in professional seminars, as well as structural engineering meetings and conferences, and lectures, and their contributions are published in professional newspapers. Project information Owner Atelier P.H.A. Ltd. Architect Ing. arch. Ondřej Gattermayer General Contractor P.H.A. Inc. Engineering Office Atelier P.H.A. Ltd. Location Prague, Czech Republic Construction Period 05/2012 to 02/2013