Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013

80 X1 Category 1: Buildings The project is situated on the ‘Kennedyplein’ in De Haan, a coastal city in West Flanders, Belgium. The community service building has to play an important role in the social revival of the neighbourhood. The strong lines and shapes of the building have to attract people from every direction. Allplan Engineering This project is an engineering design with Allplan Engineering 2012 software. The strong shapes and different heights called for a 3D approach. With the help of Allplan Engineering, we succeeded in lightening up every detail of the construction, where a 2D approach would rather leave you in the dark. We started working with the Allplan Engineering software in August 2011. We had four days of basic training and with the help of the helpdesk we started to elaborate our new projects with Allplan Engineering. Despite our basic knowledge of the program software, the building up of the design in 3D was not too complex. On the contrary, the modelling process was very user friendly and satisfying results were obtained rather quickly. Working Method in Allplan The 3D model was built up with 3D-objects without any intelligence. These objects were given all the right architectural attributes afterwards. In this way you have absolute freedom in the designing, but you can still keep the right presentation and visualisation of beams, columns, walls, etc.... We worked with the following simple colour codes • Red: Concrete/Steel Column • Blue: Concrete Beam • Orange: Steel Beam • Yellow: Masonry Wall • Green: Concrete Wall • Grey: Concrete plate The floor above the ground floor is on different planes and consists of prestressed vaults. This floor level determines all the levels of the bearing objects such as walls, columns and beams. The Use of a 3D model Working in 3D gives you a much better summary of the project in total and it allows you to check every detail without losing valuable time. Once the 3D model is built, it’s a rather easy to create any view or section of any part of the building. Instead of limiting the building information to prevent errors, additional plans and views were made to clarify the design. Even a 3D-pdf was sent to the contractor; this way he loses less time and he can start working with a complete and clear engineering design. Reinforced objects The difficult shapes were no threshold for the design of the reinforced objects. With the collision detection tool you can always check the practicability of the reinforced design. Allplan Engineering 2012 has shown itself to be a powerful tool with lots of potential. We look forward to working with the new Allplan Engineering 2013 software, especially with the new smartparts. Community Service Building Vosseslag - De Haan, Belgium Software: Allplan Engineering