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Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013 - Category 1: Buildings
Nomination Category 1: Buildings
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Congress Centre
The new Mons Congress Centre is a “design & build” project commissioned by the City of Mons
as part of its programme for 2015 when it will be the European Capital of Culture. The building
comprises several auditoria, multi-purpose halls, offices, a restaurant and underground parking. The
main bearing structure is formed by curved and inclined concrete walls, termed “ribbons”, with their
complex geometry following an ascending spiral. This arrangement allows great flexibility for the varied
programme of the centre. These ribbons are constructed using a novel technique of flexible formwork
panels. Some specific features of the structure are the following: Prestressed beams are used for
the big spans around the roof glazing. The slabs are mostly prefabricated, either with precast planks
or with hollow-core slabs. The meeting rooms are located on a mezzanine level which consists of a
composite slab suspended from the curved ribbon walls. The viewing platform at the tip of the building
is a light steel structure. All modelling was performed using Scia Engineer.
NEY & Partners Lux
Giorgos Kailis
3, Rue du Fort Bourbon
L-1249 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
+352 788131
Ney & Partners is a structural engineering consultancy, established in Brussels. Since its creation in
1997, the office has worked with a pro-active view on the art of engineering through the integration of
the different civil works disciplines.
This integration and optimisation of structural elements aims to overcome the classic hierarchic
assembly of constructive solutions. Innovative bridges, roof structures and works of art developed by
our office most clearly express this vision.
The construction project quality lies in the synthesis of specific design constraints. The structural
aspect is of primary importance to this synthesis. From the very beginning of the design process, Ney
& Partners conducts constant research for advanced engineering integration. In doing so, our position
as an engineering consultancy goes beyond the standardised dimensioning of predefined technical
solutions. Ney & Partners currently employs more than 45 civil engineers, architects and draughtsmen.
Project information
Ville de Mons
Studio Daniel Libeskind
General Contractor
CIT Blaton
Engineering Office
NEY & Partners
Mons, Belgium
Construction Period
06/2012 to 03/2014
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