Inspirations in Engineering 2013 - page 25

Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013 - Category 1: Buildings
Category 1: Buildings
ABT bv
Project information
Gemeente Groningen
NL Architects
Engineering Office
ABT bv Velp
Groningen, The Netherlands
Construction Period
2007 to 2016
Short description │
Groninger Forum
The Groninger Forum is a multipurpose conference building located in the heart of the city of
Groningen. NL Architects Amsterdam designed a spectacular building which is characterised by the
various wall surfaces extending obliquely in a forward or backward tilt. From this contour a ‘keyhole to
the city’ that forms the atrium is achieved. The Forum houses cinemas, an auditorium annex theatre,
various exhibition halls, two open stages, workstations for students and self-employed people, a
grand café, a movie café, a restaurant, a roof cinema and a library. The extreme oppositional oblique
superstructure consists of 11 floors, the substructure of a 5-layer parking garage. The key features of
the structure are the steel volumes and bridge, jumping load-bearing lines, oblique concrete walls and
steel fibre reinforced concrete floors. ABT is involved in feasibility studies, structural and geotechnical
design, architectural plan development, project management and supervision, BIM coordination, design
management and construction logistics plans.
Matthijs van der Hulst
Postbus 82
6800 AB Arnhem, The Netherlands
+31 263683450
ABT, an independent consulting firm, provides added value to the built environment. This applies to
buildings as well as infrastructure, new developments and re-use of existing buildings. Based on our
interdisciplinary engineering and process knowledge, we explore boundaries together with our clients.
Our consulting services focus on structural engineering, civil engineering, architectural engineering,
building services and building physics. Design, project and building site management also form part of
our areas of specialisation. Collaboration between these knowledge areas is self-evident to us. This is
how we achieve high-quality, innovative solutions in which engineering is paired with knowledge. ABT
is located in the Netherlands (Velp/Delft) and Belgium (Antwerp).
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