Scia User Contest 2005 - page 39

Socio-cultural centre “Prabbeli” in Wiltz
This project concerns the design of the socio-cultural centre
“Prabbeli” in Wiltz.
The choice for a 3D design was well-considered and seemed
to be justified for several reasons:
By working in 3D, the sections and front views, as well as
the perspectives and the assembly drawings were gener-
ated easily from the several views on the building plans.
After having created the plan by means of a scale-model,
the project had to be presented to the municipal adminis-
tration to obtain their approval. Seen the complexity of
the whole, only the choice of the 3D modeler allowed the
realization of the several elements of which the frame-
work was composed. These elements were in fact never
The supporting structure of the transparent roof was
designed with the terrain modeler.
Without this tool, it would
have been very difficult for us to realize the sections and the
elevations of this very complicated structure. The construc-
tion of the roof required a great precision between the real
situation and the configuration of the design. This indeed
was the case, also thanks to a well-cared-for execution.
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