Scia User Contest 2005 - page 51

Chapelle Beaussart 30 apartments
It regards the construction of a residential building with 30
The important constraints delivered by the town planning
have defined the building layout and volume. The building is
limited to a ground floor and 3 stories in consideration with
the adjacent existing buildings. A dynamic has been given to
the building by the use of volumes recessed and extruded vol-
umes. The use of traditional materials such as bricks and
blue stone in combination with more contemporary materials
such as wood and stainless steel gives lightness to the build-
The apartments are implanted around 3 entrances to avoid
long corridors. Each apartment opens on 2 façades with a
large terrace or balcony on the back, with a view on the gar-
A large attention has been given to the use of passive energy.
Allplan has been used to build up a 3D virtual architectural
model. All plans, sections, views have been generated from
this model.
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